MRF Rates

Mixed Solid Waste $97.50/ton • $15/cubic yard
Inert Debris $16/cubic yard
Greenwaste $15/cubic yard
King Mattress $45 each
Full/Queen Mattress $37.50 each
Twin Mattress $22.50 each
Appliances (range, dryer, diswasher, etc.) $14 each
Freon Removal Fee $48.50/item
Service Fee (e.g. boat and stump removal from flat bed trailers) $135
Jumpstart Fee $60
  • Minimum charge = $10/cubic yard. Please note: Credit Card purchase only; no cash or checks accepted.
  • All vehicles are subject to being weighed.
  • To determine cubic yards, measure length by width by height (LxWxH) of load in feet and divide by 27.
  • Items requiring Freon removal must include tipping fee (example: Refrigerator charge is $14 + $48.50 = $62.50 Total)
  • May-October: Free Residential mattress recycling for CA residents, call 530-583-7800 for details, limitations apply.
  • Treated Wood is now accepted at ERL, subject to conditions as outlined in the DTSC Customer Statement.

    Product Rates

    Topsoil $87/ton
    Fill Dirt $10/ton
    Full Circle Compost (Humus) $90/ton
    Large Rock $18/ton
    Wood Chips: Grade A Natural $35/yard
    Wood Chips: Grade B $10/yard
    Wood Chips: Brown $70/yard
    Wood Chips: Red, Black (limited quantities available) $70/yard
    Pine Needles $1/yard “Dirty” – $5/yard “Clean”
    Product Delivery Fee $995+

    Before ordering, please view wood chip samples available during regular operating hours at the MRF and office.

    Garbage Collection Rates

    Please call for curbside and dumpster rates specific to your area.

    Storage Container Rates

    Rental $140/month (one month minimum)
    Delivery Fee $220
    Removal Fee $220
    Relocation Fee $220
    Security Deposit (twice the monthly rental)

    Buyback Redemption Rates

    *Materials must be separated

    Material ~ # of Containers per Lb. CRV per segregated Lb.
    Aluminum 30.0 $1.68
    Glass 1.96 $0.105
    #1 PET 24.3 $1.32
    #2 HDPE 7.6 $0.59
    #3 PVC 9.7 $0.48
    #4 LDPE 40.8 $2.04
    #5 PP 10.9 $0.55
    #6 PS 100.2 $5.01
    #7 Other 3.1 $0.31
    Bi-metal 8.0 $0.40
  • Prices subject to change at the State of California’s discretion.
  • Please be advised of the following daily load limits: 1,000 pounds of glass, 100 pounds of aluminum, and 100 pounds of plastic.
  • Customers arriving in out-of-state vehicles will only be paid up to $50 for CRV eligible containers.